This woman is on a serious winning streak.

A Wake Forest, N.C. woman became the very definition of good fortune when she won the lottery twice in the same day and managed to put the teen who won the lottery twice in one week to shame in the process.

Kimberly Morris won a $10,000 scratch off on Monday, but she decided to push her luck by playing again. Why? “It felt really great to win, but I really have always dreamed I could win $1 million," she said.

Morris claimed the initial 10 grand at lottery headquarters before she stopped at a convenience store on the way home and bought another ticket. A fool's errand, you say? Not quite. Her dream wound up coming true when she won $1 million and returned to the lottery office to claim the jackpot (insert lame joke about how she should get her own parking spot there).

Morris, who elected to take a post-tax lump sum $417,000 payment, says, "I just enjoy playing the lottery." Yeah, just not as much as the lottery enjoys being played by her.

As for maybe a third try at winning big, Morris appears to know when to quit. She said she's going to share the money with her kids and invest the rest of it, although we can't be sure if "invest the rest" is just her code for using the leftovers to buy more lottery tickets.

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