There have been quite a few bear attacks in Yellowstone National Park and other areas in the rockie's this year.  A word of advice from the experts, carry bear mace with you at all times.  That may have saved this man's life in a tragic story out of Yellowstone where he and his wife were hiking, and he was mauled and killed by a bear.

On a more positive note, a 25 year old woman horseback guide saved the life of an 8 year old by using her trusted horse.

It was a one-in-a-million event where Erin Bolster, a 25 year old horse back riding guide and her party of riders set out in Glacier national Park.  When they came around a bend in the trail, her abnormally large and tall horse stopped on the trail.  A deer came crashing across the trial, being chased by a 700 pound grizzly bear.  The horses in the party immediately turned and ran (instincts take over).  The deer ran along with the horses, and it became clear that in the confusion, the bear was now chasing a first time riding 8 year old boy and his horse.

The boy's father who was along on the trip, tried to turn his horse back, but couldn't convince it to go after the bear.  The guide, Erin Bolster, was able to turn her horse and charge the grizzly head on.  She and her horse Tonk came within ten feet of the bear before it was scared off.  Everyone was fine, but a little shaky after the ordeal.  Erin decided to buy Tonk from the company she worked for after that day.  According to her and other horse experts, it's pretty amazing that the horse would agree to charge a 700 pound bear.  There are more details and a picture of Erin Bolster and Tonk at

And don't forget to brush up on how to survive a bear attack!

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