We're lucky living in the Northland, we can play both the Minnesota and the Wisconsin lottery.  I don't usually play the lottery, but I did last Saturday in Minnesota.  Didn't really have a clue but was told to ask for a quick pick.  May have to do the same today with Wisconsin's since it's the third highest jackpot in the game's history!

I'm still blogging, so obviously, I didn't win but I think it's cool that where we live we can play in two states. And Wisconsin's Powerball drawing is at an estimated $485 million for tonight.

This past Saturday there wasn't an actual Powerball drawing winner, but they say that there were winners of prizes ranging from $4 up to $2 million dollars.  Lottery officials say you should always sign your ticket when you purchase it so no one else can claim it's theirs and then check your ticket as soon as the numbers are drawn.

Good advice since a very long time ago my co-host had purchased a Powerball ticket and had it laying in the studio on the counter.  Well, I didn't know, I had never bought a ticket before at that time and I took a song request (still remember, it was for Clint Black) and wrote it right where my co-host would have signed had he won any money.  LOL!  I guess Clint Black would have had to come and claim the prize!  Silly me!

If you choose to play and try to win the $485 million Powerball jackpot, good luck to you.  You could make make a haul and and win the third largest jackpot in the game's history.  That's one part of history I wouldn't mind being part of!

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