A new report is shining a light on some of the most dangerous traffic accidents. Wisconsin doesn't do well in this study, and they have 3 times more than the national average for this deadly statistic.

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Personal injury law firm Bader Scott put together the report based on data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The data came from traffic fatalities from 2017-2021.

Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash
Photo by Kenny Eliason on Unsplash

6.21% Of Drivers In Fatal Crashes In Wisconsin Were Driving The Wrong Direction

Driving the wrong way down a road is very deadly as it leads to head-on crashes at high speed. Wisconsin had 256 out of 4,120 fatalities attributed to wrong-way driving. That's nearly three times the total of the National Average.

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Texas Had More Wrong Way Driving Deaths Than Wisconsin, But Lower Percentage

One statistic that jumped out at me was how many fatal accidents Texas had in the report. Texas had 1,333 wrong-way driving deaths out of 27,392 highway fatalities. That's a huge number!

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I visited Texas last year and remember thinking how dangerous the roads were with 70 MPH speed limits on two-lane roads. I also couldn't believe how many personal injury billboards were up for semi/car accidents. Yikes.

Why Are There So Many Wrong Way Driving Accidents In Wisconsin?

The study doesn't go into detail on why some states have higher instances of wrong-way driving fatalities. Wisconsin has a lot of rural roads and highways where maybe a driver could drift to the other lane. Wisconsin ranks #26 on the worst list of states for drunk driving in 2024. There's no clear reason given, but it's advised that you keep this in mind when driving in the Badger state.

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