The winners have been announced, and the golden flow has been crowned! Two Wisconsinites came in big at the USA Mullet Championships. Emmitt Bailey has won the kids' division, and Cayden Kershaw has won the teen division.

Emmitt is 8 years old and lives in Menomonie, Wisconsin. He came in first place with 9,896 votes and won a cash prize of $2,500. He's said that he wanted a mullet because of hockey, and when he first debuted it during wrestling season the team started calling him "Mufasa" because he looked like a lion.

His dad told Fox 9 that he thinks it's really cool. They were surprised but happy to win it. Personally, I think the Pit Viper shades were the icing on the cake to help him stand out in the finals against 24 other competitors. Emmitt told WCCO that he plans on buying a Go Kart with the prize money, and plans to keep the mullet.

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Cayden Kershaw from Wausau, Wisconsin won the teen division. Kershaw received 3,215 votes. He won $1,000 dollars in prize money. He said his hair is definitely an attention getter, and there are more places where people are open about it. He told WCCO that sometimes people approach him and ask to touch his mullet, like when he's at a fair. Seems about right.

Kershaw says he's going to donate the $1,000 to a local nonprofit called Peyton's Place. They work to help stock Wasau area food banks.

The Kids' and Teens' winner was announced this week, but the Mullet Championships aren't over. The adult division is currently taking registrations until August, 31. The first round of voting takes place September 12-14.

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