This story is nothing short of wild.

Customers at a Walmart store in Eau Claire, Wisconsin got quite the show last Wednesday (April 10th) thanks to a mother, her son and their dog.

Here's what happened: a 46-year-old woman had shoplifted "items from the store" with her dog, Bo, in tow. While the dog was running loose around the store distracting customers, the female in question "started pulling apart store displays and placing them in her cart." Bo got away with a box of cornbread mix and tried to leave the store.

When officers arrived, they found the female screaming in the entryway and trying to find the dog, who was running around the location. The woman was arrested but it wasn't that easy - she fought with officers and even attempted to kick out a window in the squad car.

Other media outlets in the area report that the female also tried her hand at karate while in the parking lot

That wasn't the only ruckus happening at this time, Meanwhile, her 25-year-old son was in the store causing other issues. The male walked to the back of the store and "removed all of his clothing exposing himself to other customers." According to the police report, he got new clothes from the racks but didn't bother to pay. He refused to stop for officers and even attempted to run over one with his scooter. He was also arrested.

Both were charged and Bo was brought to the Humane Association in the area. It's good to know the Eau Claire PD has a good sense of humor. Of the pup, they said he wasn't charged but issued a warning for the theft.

What a wild story.

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