Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is about to see another challenge to his response efforts to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  According to news sources, "more than two dozen lawmakers" are backing a resolution to end the state wide mask mandate from Evers' office.  Their issue with the mask mandate is less about the health effects (or lack thereof) but rather whether or not Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has overstepped his executive powers.  The resolution matches similar actions and questions in regards to how the governors office has handled the pandemic.

The language in the resolution introduced by Republican spells out its intentions:

"It is incumbent upon the three branches of government to act as checks on one another's power...so as to protect the governed from abusive government."

One of the resolutions sponsors - Wisconsin Senator Julian Bradley said "These overreaching mask mandates from [Governor Tony Evers] must stop. I'm ready to vote to end them now".

Since the start of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has issued five emergency declarations.  A few of those orders have been met with challenges in court.  This resolution however is the first time that the lawmakers are trying to use their legislative powers to put a stop to the public health orders.

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According to news sources, state law stipulates that a joint resolution "approved by both the state Senate and Assembly has the power to overrule any emergency declaration from the governor".  A simple look at the makeup of both sides of the state legislature shows that the resolution stands a strong chance of passing:  Republicans hold a majority on both sides - with a 60-38 lead in the Assembly and a 20-12 lead in the Senate.

Lawmakers anticipate taking action on the resolution soon.  It's on the agenda for the first week of February.

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