Do you want to win a free meal from Papa Murphy's? Of course you do! We are thankful for you this holiday season and want to prove it by gifting you a meal from the famous pizza place.

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All you need to do to enter is download our B105 app! Once you've done that, circle back and enter for your chance to win this incredible deal. The free meal includes one of the following:

  • A large pepperoni pizza on thin or original crust
  • A pepperoni and mozzarella calzone
  • A scratch-made five-cheese bread

YUM! Aren't you hungry just thinking about it? Enter below for your chance to win a meal on us. Please make sure you are checking your email regularly as that is how you will be notified if you are chosen as one of our lucky winners. Good luck!

CONTEST RULES: You must pick up your voucher at the station once / if you are chosen as a winner of this contest. Only one winner per household. Valid at participating Northland locations only. Only one voucher allowed per visit. 

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