Let me start by saying that I'm an Adam Sandler fan at heart.  I thought he was funny on SNL and I appreciated the dumb humor of 'Happy Gilmore' and 'The Waterboy'.  I liked his romantic comedies 'The Wedding Singer' and '50 First Dates', largely because he got a huge assist from the lovable Drew Barrymore in both films.  However, lately Adam Sandler has been about as funny as a Mitt Romney vasectomy scar.

The crap-fest really got rolling with 'Little Nicky' and rolled on with turds like 'I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry', 'You Don't Mess With The Zohan', and 'Just Go With It'.  Perhaps Sandler hit rock bottom with 'Jack And Jill', where he was both agonizingly unfunny as both a man and a woman.  Even Adam himself had to watch that movie and realize what a cash-grab if felt like.  I don't ask for much from a Sandler film, just make me laugh at least a half dozen times.  Perhaps that's why he teamed with one of the funnier, underexposed young talents for his latest film.  Fans of SNL know Andy Samberg from his hilarious video features.  He has also had small roles in films like 'I Love You Man'.  Not only do Adam Sandler and Andy Samberg resemble each other, but it appears that their new movie together may bring out the funny in Sandler once again.

This isn't highbrow comedy but any means, or an Academy Award candidate, but even if it's a guilty pleasure with more laughs than groans it will be considered a success to me.  The premise may offend many, but comedy is not pretty.  I just want to turn my brain off and laugh once in awhile.  Take a look at the trailer.  Do you think this will be funny?


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