In one of the classiest moves I have seen in a while in sports. Tom Brady refused to accept the Chevy Truck he earned as the Super Bowl MVP. He said he couldn't possibly accept it.

Here's really why I think it is so classy. Not only is Tom Brady giving credit where credit is due, but according to NBC Sports, the truck is considered a taxable prize under the Internal Revenue Code, section 74, meaning it is taxed at Brady’s 39.6 federal income tax rate. With the value of a 2015 Chevy Colorado around $34,000, that means a tax bill of $13,500 alone. Brady’s also going to have to pay a gift tax of $8,000 to hand the keys to Butler, since the tax code only allows one $14,000 from any one person to another.

So the total is $ $21,500 to make this happen. You have to think that part of this is Tom wants him to have the actual MVP truck, because really Tom could sell him the truck for $1 and pay the sales tax, but it's the principle of it. The whole gesture, and covering the tax payments, shows me that Tom Brady is a good man.



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