Tom Brady is going to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, he has agreed but not signed a deal for 2 years 60 million dollars according to ESPN.

There were a few things going on that were part of the rumor mill. One rumor had the Minnesota Vikings Kirk Cousins going to the 49ers because he has always wanted to play there, then the San Francisco 49ers Jimmy Garapolo was going to go to the New England Patriots.

That would leave a void in Minnesota, and then the Vikings would be free to sign the aging Brady, which is what Minnesota does. Tom Brady even had a Minnesota connection.

Minnesota signed Warren Moon, Brett Favre, Archie Manning, and many others who ended their career or played out the end with the team. So, the move didn't sound all that odd.

Now the truth. Many teams were signing quarterbacks and the teams rumored to want Brady were falling by the wayside. Rumour was the Raiders wanted him, and the Chargers too were the front runners. Then out of nowhere, Tampa Bay jumped in and came up with the money. The deal was done.


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