Talking with different people about the end of the David Letterman era on the Late Show, I realized, there are many different Davids that people remember. He doesn't do as many stunts now as he once did, so why is he still admired, I know.

The best thing that David Letterman does, that has sustained him all these years is letting you inside the broadcast. The way he handles guests, musicians, and bits. He is self-deprecating, and will take you behind the scenes and does bits that are against "The Man". He is always on the viewers side, and that is why everyone will follow a bad bit. He has done things like had a bubble machine installed on his desk, jumped on a wall of velcro in a velcro suit, had staff members be the stars of bits, and one of the best, having re-runs dubbed in Spanish so no one would watch it. Who could forget things being thrown off  of a 5 story building?

That is how he got you, in show business that is called being the dangerous character. You want to keep watching because you never know what will happen. As he slowed down over the years, he still had something featured that you wouldn't want to turn because you never knew what he was going to do.

David Letterman is an idol of mine. I stole his ability to let people in and reveal secrets and let them into the show without destroying the magic. Thank you David, you will be missed.


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