Is there anything better than curling up and watching a really good Christmas movie? No.

It turns out that the best Christmas movie is up for debate and each and every state seems to have a different opinion on which one reigns supreme.

Streaming Observer did some research to figure out which holiday movie each state is obsessed with. They primarily used data from movie site Rotten Tomatoes and Google trends to come up with their findings.

So what Christmas movie is Minnesota obsessed with? The answer is White Christmas. That seems to make sense, considering we usually have one. (I can't say I have ever seen this movie though.)

Wisconsin loves Die Hard, which brings up an age-old debate: is that really a Christmas movie? Either way, that's the one Wisconsinites are obsessing over.

Some of the favorite movies mentioned in the list really make you scratch your head and ask yourself, is that really a Christmas movie? (Hello, Batman Returns.) This brings up a good point - Christmas movies don't necessarily have to be about the holiday but instead, a film that makes you feel sentimental as the holidays often do.

So which holiday movies are super popular across the country? Gremlins, Scrooged, Die Hard and Home Alone seem to be the ones we can't help but watch time and time again.

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