In the past few days, both my husband and I have had two to three calls a day from companies we have had no prior business or connection. They have even come up with a way to basically steal a local number to make their robo calls from so you are tricked into thinking it’s someone you either know or needs you for something. I too, have had MY number used to make those calls. Luckily, a gal didn’t pick up and after the third time a call came from my number she called it back. I answered and after questions back and forth, we figured out what was going on. Even more weird, it happened to be a teacher from Hermantown that my daughter had while in elementary school, so we had a nice chat.

Both of us as well as several of our friends have signed up for the national “Do Not Call List”. In fact, I’ve signed up twice and yet, we are still receiving the calls, now more than ever. What’s up with that? The reputable companies that I sign up for rewards only email and they have an opt out link. For example, I don’t receive calls from Green Mill, Texas Roadhouse or Kwik Trip, they all do exactly what I signed up for. and email or text.   Yet, companies I have never heard of are calling me at all hours of the day and night.

When you own a business like my husband's home inspection or my wedding officiating, you hate to let any phone call go to voice mail.  But with the ridiculous amount of calls we’ve been getting that tout better credit, changes to a website we don’t own and other strange things, we’ve let it happen more and more. What can be done?

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