A new phone campaign called "Political Opinions of America" offers a three-question "poll," and then offers a reward that sounds suspiciously like a classic timeshare sales pitch. After answering political questions, the person is transferred to a live operator from "corporate travel services" who is giving away free cruises thanks to an anonymous donor. Some say it is a scam.

According to Fox News, the Federal Trade Commission won't say whether it is a scam or not, but they issued a statement that you should collect as much info, like phone number, names, other info they will give you and turn it into donotcall.gov.

From Chutzpah.com “We believe these companies make unsolicited calls, purportedly as a political opinion poll being conducted by ‘Political Opinions of America,’” says a statement on the website of Shapiro Haber & Ermy, a Boston law firm that is preparing a potential class-action lawsuit against Florida-based The Berkley Group, which is behind the campaign. “Then, one is offered a ‘free’ cruise, which is really designed to expose people to sales pitches for vacation timeshares. If you received such a call, you may have a claim against these companies, whether or not you paid them any money.”

So, what do you do? Chutzpah.com interviewed Frank Dorman, a spokesman for the Federal Trade Commission, which oversees the national Do Not Call Registry, and he said consumers who receive these types of calls should file a complaint at donotcall.gov or by calling (888) 382-1222



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