Morgan Wallen has his first hit on the radio with the help of Florida Georgia Line on his new song 'Up Down.'  It's catchy, it gets stuck in your head, and a lot of people don't know what 'BFE' means when they sing along.  Here's the scoop.

Warning, foul language ahead.

BFE according to urban dictionary stands for "Bum F*ck Egypt." Which means basically the middle of nowhere.  So when they sing "Holdin' it down here in BFE," it really means holding it down here in the middle of nowhere. That makes sense for a country song as most of the settings are in the rural areas in the middle of nowhere.

Make sense now? The music video doesn't really match what I had in my head when I first heard the song, but it's still a catchy tune.

Either way, best wishes to Morgan Wallen, (the former voice contestant) on his career.

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