Only 46 days to go.  We can make it.  I know we can.  I never realized how stressful planning a wedding could be.  My poor fiance Shawna hasn't been able to fall asleep for the past week.  I'm trying to be the supportive groom and actually help with the whole process, and not be one of those guys that say, "I Don't Care."  You should care, it's your wedding too.  Now, having said that.  I think I've probably thrown my arms up in the air and said I Don't Care a few times out of frustration.  Here's why weddings are so stressful coming from someone who is in the middle of planning one right now.

Everybody thinks it's their wedding

A lot of family and friends get pushy about what should happen, what shouldn't happen.  And frequently, they also are the ones who start with, " I know it's your day, but..."

Invites, invites, invites

Not only do you have to design the invites, but you have to figure out who you are inviting.  We aren't millionaires and the more invites you have, the more money it costs.  In a perfect world we would invite everyone we had ever met in our entire lives.   But we just can't do it.  I've seriously had people I don't even know walk up to me and ask me when they are going to get an invite for the wedding.  And sadly, there are people in my family that are invited that I've never met.  I realized that after we sent out invites and I kept asking "Who are these people?"


It's an expensive event.  Fortunately we have some family helping us out with some costs.  Still, every time I hear an amount of money something is going to cost, I think of what else that could buy.  Like a new roof for the garage, a new hot water heater, new carpeting, a lifetime supply of frozen pizzas (kidding).

Family Politics

Weddings are one of the few occasions that the whole melting pot of a huge family comes together.  Who is going to sit with who?  Who is going to feel slighted if they don't get an invite?


Nobody ever turns them in until the last minute.  I'm guilty of it too.  I promise never to be a lazy RSVP person again.  I'm just worried we are going to get to the week before the wedding and then all of the RSVP's come in.

All The Other Events...

that accompany weddings.  Bridal Showers, Groom's Dinners, Rehearsals, Bachelor Parties, Rehearsal Parties, you name it!  All of these need to be planned as well.

I think planning a wedding is one of the best tests for a couple to go through.  If you can make it through that kind of stress and decisions, you should be better prepared to handle the curve balls that life will throw at you along the way.  We've had our disagreements and moments, but we have been able to laugh them off in no time.  Like I said, 46 days to go.  We can do it.