We wait for it every Autumn, the changing colors of our leaves to brilliant reds, deep oranges and bright yellows.   Locals know that the change has been delayed a bit by our continued summer-like temps, but with the cooler nights predicted this week, we are nearing the peak of perfection.


Some gorgeous viewing areas are the hills near Nopeming on the Becks Road, taking a drive up the North Shore and even a trek to Holyoke, which means you'll have to stop in my hometown of Wrenshall!

Usually by this time we've had extremely windy and rainy days and most of the beautiful leaves are on the ground, but this year could be absolutely perfect for viewing the leaves ON the trees.  The summer rains will have made for a dense canopy, Minnesota didn't experience a drought this year and we didn't have extreme heat to stress our trees.  You'll notice much cooler nights with beautiful fall sunshine during the day and all of this is a recipe for autumnal glory.  ENJOY!