Just as much as Minnesotans love their summer season, we also tend to fully-embrace the cold, harsh months of winter.  In fact, if you were to take a quick survey of people living in the Northland, you're just as sure to find people claiming December and January as some of their most-favorite times of the year as you would those hot, sticky months of July and August.

Maybe it's because we are blessed with four individual, complete, and different seasons in this part of the country.  Really, not many other geographic areas in the country can claim such a robust set of four seasons as Minnesota and the Northland  It's like we always have something to look forward to.

Most conversations about seasons come down to "summer" and "winter".  Spring and autumn (fall to some people) just seem to blend into the seasons around them.  Summer and winter - especially here in Minnesota - are the polar opposites of each other (no pun intended).  Maybe that's why most conversations about a favorite season or time of year center around a persons preference for the cold season or the warm season.

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And while there certainly are differences between the two seasons, summer and winter really have more in common than you might think; at least if you go beyond the surface.  In fact, many of the things that people will often point to as their favorite part of one of those seasons could interchangeably be used for the other.

Here's a look at what ways a Minnesota summer is much like a Minnesota winter:

Huge Snow Storm Slams Into Mid Atlantic States
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Ways A Minnesota Summer Is Much Like Winter

It might not seem like it on the surface, but a Minnesota summer has a lot in common with a Minnesota winter. From a strictly meteorological standpoint, they are the polar opposites of each other. However, many common themes, elements, and principals thread their way through each of the seasons.

Some of the similarities involve the way we prep for each of the seasons. Other shared items involve rituals, chores, finances, and yes - even weather. (I know, you're thinking - how can the weather be the same in the summer and the winter; trust me - it can be - read on to find out how.)

One thing is for certain, though, as to how Minnesotans deal with summer and winter: True to our nature, we confront and embrace each of the seasons all at the same time.


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