Nothing beats cooling off on a hot summer day by hitting the beach.  However, if the water is full of crap then I think I'll stay hot and sweaty.  Our partners at The Northland's News Center are reporting the water contact is currently not advised at four Duluth beaches.

The beaches included in this advisory are:

1. Clyde Avenue Boat Landing Beach in Smithville neighborhood on Clyde Avenue.

2. Minnesota Point Harbor Side/15th Street Beach on the harbor-side of Park Point in Duluth at 15th Street

3. Sky Harbor Parking Lot Beach on the harbor-side of Park Point in Duluth, at the end of Minnesota Avenue.

4. 20th Street / Hearding Island Canal Beach on the harbor-side of Park Point, at 20th Street.

The elevated E. coli levels could be due to fecal contamination. If you become sick after contact with water at these beaches, you are asked to call the Minnesota Health Department.

More water sample tests are expected to be done this week, which should lead to an update on this situation.

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