I screamed with joy when news broke that Maren Morris would be releasing another single off her debut album. "Hero" was a huge success and every song has huge hit potential so I was glad she was going to release another one before moving on to a second album. Yes, it's that good.

Lucky for us all, she released my favorite song off that album as her next single! The song is called "Rich" and it's different than any other song she has released to radio. It's edgy, funny and shows off her songwriting abilities on another level. It does have a swear word (gasp!) but it's one of the catchiest songs ever.

After winning her first Grammy last year, she stopped by NPR offices to perform the tune, along with her other hits. With her and her band playing acoustically, it's one of her best performances to date.

You can watch her perform the new single above. (Warning: she does curse in the first song.)

It's bound to be another amazing year for Morris. She kicked it off with another Grammy nomination for "I Could Use A Love Song." The hit also became her first number one single. You can also watch her perform that tune above.

On top of that, she is set to wed fellow country star Ryan Hurd next month and head out on tour with One Direction member Niall Horan on his solo trek this summer.

Fingers crossed she rounds out the year with a new album but not before we enjoy everything her single has to offer. Music to my ears!

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