It appears to really be an extra "Monday" Monday for the crew aboard the 1,000-foot Great Lakes bulk carrier Presque Isle. A couple members of the Facebook Group 'Great Lakes Ship Watchers' captured footage of the scene of a bit of a 'touch and go' moment with one of the Canal Park pier walls Monday morning.

While departing the Duluth Harbor with a load of iron ore on Monday morning, the ship made the corner around the area near the South Pier Inn and entered the canal to head off to deliver the cargo it was carrying to Conneaut, Ohio. The ship was still completing the turn while under the Aerial Lift Bridge in the canal, when a portion of the Presque Isle's port side hull came into contact briefly with the canal wall near the Lake Superior Maritime Museum.

The footage appears to show the ship slowly correcting course in the canal before the videos end. The Presque Isle is currently anchored on Lake Superior, about a mile off Minnesota Point, according to The pier wall doesn't appear to have sustained any damage from what the videos show.

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The first video, from user Mike Burbul, shows the Presque Isle making the corner and passing under the bridge. The second video, from Conner Blaukat shows a closer view of the scene.

Additionally, this video from various Duluth harbor cams shows various angles of the incident.

After sitting on Lake Superior off Minnesota Point for some time, the Presque Isle re-entered the Duluth Harbor under the Aerial Lift Bridge without any issues.

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