We haven't seen much of Burt Reynolds lately.  He's been working on some movies, but most of them are indie films that don't get much publicity.  This time he's got a new movie coming out that he stars in along with Chevy Chase, and Ariel Winter.

You may know Ariel Winter from Modern Family, and she also voices Sofia in the Disney Junior show 'Sofia The First.'

The plot follows Burt Reynolds as he travels to Nashville to accept a film festival award.  The reason he goes is because of the other great actors that have won the honor.  It's only after he arrives when he finds out he's the only one to actually show up.

Early reviews aren't friendly, with Rotten Tomatoes giving it only a 33% Fresh Rating, but IMDB gives it a solid 7.1/10.

I think this movie is one of those that you'll either love or hate from what I'm seeing on the trailer.

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