While training for Grandma's Half Marathon (which has been very difficult with the snow we've gotten so late in the Spring), we park in the Canal and run across the Aerial Lift Bridge and down the Point all the time.  It never occurred to me that there could be potential danger lurking above me, other than from the pigeons.  I'm still planning on using one of our City's icons, but we'll definitely be cautious.  Thanks to the City for watching out for us!

Pedestrians and bicyclists near the Aerial Lift Bridge are being urged to use caution whenapproaching and/or crossing the bridge and to watch for falling snow and ice. According to Aerial Lift Bridge Supervisor Ryan Beamer, large pieces of snow and ice have been accumulating on top of the bridge for weeks and are now beginning to melt, causing falling debris and an increasingly slippery walkway. The walkway will remain open, but residents are encouraged to remain attentive and take precautions while on or near the bridge.

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