Can you spot the hidden naughty word on this shirt that Walmart recently had to pull from store shelves? ('s a VERY naughty word).

A Major Walmart Oopsie

These days good workers are hard to find, and it seems like companies are hiring anyone that is willing to work so they can meet production needs. I totally get it, companies gotta do what they gotta do to get the jobs done, but because of it, quality control seems to be becoming non-existent.

Quality control isn't the only problem companies are dealing with these days. Sometimes major oversights happen too, and Walmart just suffered through a big one.

A Walmart customer recently discovered something hilariously disturbing about a particular t-shirt for sale, so of course she had to tweet about it. It's no big surprise that the tweet quickly went viral and forced Walmart to do some quick merchandise pulling.

Can you find the hidden word? (Warning, this word usually makes a LOT of people mad when they hear it);


For those that can't spot the unfortunate mistake, take a closer look at what the first letters of "cycle", "use", "new", and "think" spell when they are laid out vertically.

Did you figure it out now?

I you still can't, I'm sorry. There is no dang way I am spelling it out for you. (I HATE this naughty word too).

Where You Can Still Buy The Naughty Recycle Shirt

If you really want to buy this shirt for a "special" person in your life, I did discover that you can still buy it on Amazon for $19.99.

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