Alaine Caudle wasn’t only looking for the right words for her valedictorian speech.

She was also looking for the right melody.

During graduation at Doniphan West High School in Kansas, Caudle scrapped the traditional speech and chose instead to sing to those in attendance. While playing up her class in the tune, she repeatedly tells the crowd, “Don't hate us ‘cause we're awesome.”

Give Caudle credit. She avoided the whole “The future is wide open” theme that pervades most graduations and went instead for the kind of memorable speech you usually only see in movies. Before launching into song, she also warned the audience about what was to come by saying, “If Rebecca Black can sing, then so can I.”

Here’s hoping she doesn’t anger an entire nation like Ms. Black did, though.

Of course, Caudle is only one of a growing legion of people who've used their time to speak at graduation to make a splash.

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