A press release from the University of Wisconsin-Superior has said that they do currently plan to resume some on-campus classes for this coming fall of 2020. That means that both students and employees will be back on the campus.

According to UW-Superior Chancellor Renee Wachter, their UW-Superior Recovery Team has been working hard to come up with a plan to bring students and employees back with a cautious and phased approach. They will share the details of the finalized plan soon.

There will be a combination of online learning and on campus learning in the fall, as they do need to follow social distancing guidelines to best use the campus space. The campus sent home students and most of it's staff in March when the stay at home order took place. Beginning on March 30th, they began their alternative delivery method for learning for the rest of the spring semester. Students were encouraged to stay home after spring break and not come back to the campus because of close living spaces and the fear of coronavirus spreading.

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With some on campus learning returning, they are also planning on hosting competitions and athletic events. Students will also be back living back in the dorms on campus as well.

UWS chancellor Rene Wachter is looking forward to activity resuming at the campus,

“Campus has been very quiet since classes were converted to remote learning in March,” said Wachter. “I know I’m not alone in looking forward to seeing our campus vibrant and active again. We are committed to doing all we can to keep campus safe for students, employees and guests of our small but mighty university.”

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