College students face a unique challenge during the coronavirus pandemic. Many had relied on the campus for housing, food, and even a place to work. The unanticipated switch to remote learning brought obstacles to many students. Some had difficulty finding a place to live. Their families may have experienced a loss of income. Some students did not have the access to the technology they needed for remote distance learning.

The University of Wisconsin-Superior explains in a press release on how they were able to provide support for students. They were able to work with students to get them the proper equipment for distance learning. UWS also uses an alert system called Navigate that helps communicate with students and link them with the resources they need.

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Many donors generously contributed money to the UW-Superior Foundation, and an emergency grant fund was established offering $92,500 in assitance to students. UWS also utilized federal government program CARES Act Relief, where they helped connect students to $250,000 in aid.

Some students had job at the campus that they were not able to continue to work at whether it was completely or reduced hours. The University of Wisconsin-Superior provided income continuation payments to all student employees with active contracts.

UWS Financial Aid Director Donna Dahlvang elaborates.

“In this difficult and uncertain time, we have been pleased to offer these resources to our students in an effort to keep them progressing toward their educational goals,” said Donna Dahlvang, financial aid director. “As part of our ongoing commitment to our students, we will continue to seek additional resources for our students wherever possible.”


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