I have to admit, that takes some guts, not only stealing a car, but a St. Louis County Sheriff's Squad Car?  Authorities asked for the public's help and together the stolen squad car was recovered.

I just don't understand how someone can think they can get away with taking a squad car, regardless if it was an unmarked car or not!  According to our media partners, wdio.com, the unmarked black Chevy Impala with MN plates was found in the area of Duluth's antenna farm.  It was stolen from the University of WI-Superior (UWS) parking lot.

Apparently, an engineer was on his way to a transmitter site when he saw the stolen vehicle parked in a private driveway between two radio towers.  The area it was abandoned isn't visible from Observation road.   There was no damage to the vehicle.

Authorities thank everyone for their help.