I had planned on writing a blog to inform people in my neighborhood of road work starting in our area when I realized it was about 4-5 blocks from some huge potholes I encounter almost every day.  So, I asked what it would take to get them to slide over and fill them, apparently, it just takes asking.  They also gave me a number to share so you can call in your pothole issues.

Via a press release from the City of Duluth I had found out that they would be permanently patching 24th Ave West between 5th and 6th Street with concrete.  I wondered what it would take to get them to fill the potholes I have to dodge almost every day that could seriously take an axle off your vehicle.  I asked "who ya gonna call", Pothole Busters, lol.  Besides the responses I got from you about the potholes and how you also tried to avoid them or what potholes were like in your neighborhood, I also got a post from the City with a phone number to call to report potholes that need repair.  It's the same line that you call for both snow and street maintenance issues, 730-5100.  Good to know!

Thank you to the City for taking care of the potholes so quickly after I wrote the blog and for providing the number for all to call if we have issues.

Oh, and here's the before shot of the potholes, the after is above.

Cathy Kates
Cathy Kates

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