I am sure I'm going to embarrass my daughter, but I admit I have NEVER played Candy Crush before. Are you addicted?  If you played in the month of December, you were part of the 98 million active players a day.  Their parent company King is planning on going public.

King has over 180 different games, but Candy Crush makes up 75% of their revenue.  They are set to join the New York stock exchange, the maker could top $5 billion which is more than twice as much as the company that makes Tootsie Roll.

I conducted a poll around the radio station and what the stats say are true, the most loyal fans are between the ages of 25-55 and most are women.  Like many games, to play is free, but if you want you can pay to add perks or advance to a new level.

Some people said it took over their lives.  One woman plays it under her covers at night just to get a little more time in without the family knowing.  Some experts say the hours that people play the game can contribute to back and neck pain.  But really, you are in control of your own actions, right?  If it's causing health or family problems you should be able to set it down and take care of business.

Here's how is works (for newbies, like me).

Apparently, the game is separated into levels, and each level has its own requirements to complete. These requirements include eliminating certain ingredients, removing gel-covered candies, or simply reaching a certain score. The Facebook version of Candy Crush Saga currently has 500 levels the smartphone versions of Candy Crush Saga currently has 440 levels, with more levels expected in the future.

While writing this blog, I became a member of King's Candy Crush and played for a bit.   I can't say I'm hooked yet, but look forward to playing again soon.  Ok, maybe now.

Do you play Candy Crush?  If so, (and be honest) do you consider yourself addicted?


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