A new thrift shop has officially opened its doors in Superior. It's called "Annie's Attic" and it's perfect if you're a bargain hunter or love sifting for treasures.

The store opened on November 10th of last year and according to their Facebook page, they sell everything from thrift shop items to collectibles to vintage pieces.

Something cool about the store is their "Wish Club" which lets you tell owners what you're looking for. They then search for it and sell it to you before they put it on store shelves.

The store is owned by Jay Pittman and LeaAnn Anderson. The Duluth News Tribune reports the two went shopping at stores like "Annie's Attic" on their first date nearly a decade ago. From there, they "began purchasing van loads of items from storage units, estate and garage sales and selling their contents online" as a hobby. Now, that hobby has turned into a full-fledged business.

You can find "Annie's Attic" at 1423 Belknap Street in Superior.

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