U.S. News & World Report just completed their 2018 Best States rankings and Minnesota finished #2, just behind Iowa.

Then rankings are based on eight key categories, including Health Care, Education, Economy, Opportunity, Infrastructure, Crime & Corrections, Fiscal Stability and Quality of Life.

Minnesota's biggest strengths were Quality of Life and Opportunity, where the state finished 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Minnesota's weaknesses were Fiscal Stability and Economy, where the state finished a still respectable 24th and 20th respectively.

Here is where The Land Of 10,000 Lakes ranked in all categories:

  • Health Care: 7th
  • Education: 13th
  • Economy: 20th
  • Opportunity: 3rd
  • Infrastructure: 6th
  • Crime & Corrections: 11th
  • Fiscal Stability: 24th
  • Quality of Life: 2nd

Wisconsin scored well in this study as well, finishing #11 overall.  Wisconsin's biggest strength was with Quality of Life, where the state ranked 3rd in the country.

If you're what wondering which state to avoid, Louisiana came in at #50, the worst state in America according to this study.

Follow the link below to see where all the states ranked for the year.


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