I think it's required by contract when you are a country singer that eventually you'll have to sing a song about whiskey.  Tyler Farr has met his obligation with his new tune "Whiskey In My Water."

It's off his "Redneck Crazy" album that came out earlier this month.   This song isn't nearly as emotional as his Redneck Crazy, but it could be a good thing considering he broke several laws and was a frightening drunk in that video.

What I like about the song:

It's a simple, easy song to listen to.   It has a catchy chorus, and right now everybody that listens to country likes what the lyrics talk about.

What I don't like about the song:

There's nothing I don't really like about the song.  It's just a typical out of the studio country song that's safe for an artist to put out.   We're not breaking any new ground, just riding the success of other songs like it.

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