Ty Herndon is back and ready to bare his soul on his upcoming record. Jacob, due out July 15, finds the country star reflecting on the darker, challenging moments he's faced, along with the road that led him to a brighter day.

"This album is about the power we all have to change our endings," Herndon said in a statement. "The last two years have been a journey like none other for me, and I'm looking forward to sharing some new truths with listeners and reminding them that we have it within us to turn our greatest challenges into our greatest triumphs. Besides that, it’s just some damn good music."
Mixing elements of country, rock and gospel, Jacob will take listeners through a range of complex human emotions. He recruited an eclectic mix of friends and creative collaborators for the project, which includes Terri Clark, Wendy Moten, Shelly Fairchild, Emily West and Jamie Floyd.
Herndon, who celebrated his 60th birthday on May 2, titled the album after the Biblical figure who persevered through a myriad of struggles and challenges. The country star has been open about the personal trials he's faced over the years, including issues with addiction and his experience navigating the country music industry before publicly coming out as gay in 2014. In Oct. 2021, Herndon revealed that he and longtime boyfriend Matt Collum had parted ways after 11 years together.
Although he hasn't released a full-length album of original material since 2016's House on Fire, he's continued to create and perform music. In 2020, his moving collaboration with Kristin Chenoweth and Paul Cardall titled "Orphans of God" hit No. 1 on iTunes. Herndon has also continued to advocate for the LGBTQ+ community, which included the creation of The Concert for Love and Acceptance, a star-studded concert event held annually in Nashville.

Ty Herndon, Jacob Track List:
1. "'Til You Get There"
2. "God or the Gun"
3. "Fighting With Me" (feat. Emily West)
4. "Standing in the Whiskey"
5. "Lean In" (duet with Jamie Floyd)
6. "Sleeping With a Stranger"
7. "Landslide” (duet with Shelly Fairchild)
8. "Say It For You” (feat. Wendy Moten)
9. "Hallelujah"
10. "Damn Good Feeling"
11. “Dents On a Chevy" (duet with Terri Clark)

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