I love pizza more than the average person but this is just too much. A man and woman from Wausau, Wisconsin caused a huge scene at a local Pizza Hut after claiming their order was wrong.

In true Wisconsin fashion, the duo wanted 'extra cheese' on their food and decided to freak out when they felt it wasn't up to par.

The incident happened in late October but is just hitting the press now. According to local news in the area, the drama unfolded with a woman first. One afternoon in late October, said woman ordered a pizza for her boyfriend and brought it back when he was unhappy with it. She also got angry when the employees offered to remake it with the same amount of cheese.

The woman threw out the pizza and left. Shortly after, she returned to the store with her boyfriend in tow. Both started yelling and screaming and continued to do so before leaving the store.

Eventually, police were called and even though the duo left the store, they were able to be tracked down. The man was issued a citation.

This story is pretty cheesy. Get it? Ha!

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