It's no surprise that speeding continues to be a problem and law enforcement has been addressing the issue in a variety of ways, one of those is with targeted projects like the one that happened in the Twin Cities this weekend.

The Minnesota State Patrol reported that over the weekend they conducted "Project 20(22)" with a team of State Troopers around the east metro area of Minneapolis and St. Paul in Chisago, Dakota, and Washington Counties, and some of what they shared is quite shocking.

The State Patrol reports that it stopped 711 vehicles, and of those, 530 were for speeding. The most notable being two 17-year-old drivers, one that was going 113 mph in a 60 mph zone, and the other going 111 mph in a 65 mph zone. They also clocked a motorcycle going 107 mph in a 60 mph zone.

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Not only did they make the stops for speeding, but they also arrested 11 drivers for DWI. According to WCCO, this is the State Patrol's second high-intensity patrol of the year consisting of 15 dedicated Troopers that patrolled from 2 PM on Friday through 8 PM on Sunday. The focus of the increased enforcement was on the "deadliest traffic violations: speed, lack of seat belt use, distraction and impairment."

44 people have died so far in 2022 due to speed-related traffic accidents, in total, there have been 155 total traffic deaths this year. 38 died because of no seatbelt use, another 20 from impaired driving, and nine from distracted driving.

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