Crazy Tourist recently made a list of the '15 Best Small Towns To Visit In Minnesota,' and a couple of small towns in our region made the list. 

This could be a bit of hometown pride, but the town I grew up in is actually first on the list: Biwabik, MN.  And they got it right with their description:

Biwabik is a perfect getaway from those needing some tranquility. This charming small town retains the relaxed pace of years gone by, and is even the town that inspired a classic children’s book, Honk, the Moose! Come spend a few days out at the Giants Ridge Recreational Area to play a round of golf or ski in the winter; Biwabik is a perfect nature retreat.

Enjoy the town’s architecture when you arrive – many buildings were inspired by Bavaria and Scandinavia since the original settlers of the area were mostly from Finland and Germany. The buildings combined with the scenic mountains give the town an alpine village feel, almost like you were transported to the Alps. Visit Honk the Moose statue or relax over a drink at Dave’s Alpine Bar.

I was lucky to grow up in the small town of Biwabik.  I have some very fond memories of riding my bike through the woods and up and down Main Street.  It's still a great place to go back and visit with my family.

Also to make the list is the entry way to the Boundary Waters, Ely, MN.

Ely is a small town located on the Vermilion Iron Range and at one entry point for the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, a true haven for nature lovers. Originally settled by fur traders, the area didn’t see a significant amount of immigration until the Lake Vermillion gold rush in 1865. While not much gold was mined, iron ore was discovered and became a key part of the economy. Ironically, the town is named in honor of a mining executive who never ended up visiting Ely.

If you live in the area and haven't been to Ely, I would strongly suggest you make a day trip up North.  It's a great little town and has a lot to offer.  Make sure you visit the Wolf Center, too!

I've been to several of the other small towns on the list, and I think it was a very well thought of and put together article.

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