A man with ties to the Twin Ports area, currently residing in the Twin Cities, will be making an appearance on the TV quiz show Jeopardy! on Wednesday afternoon (July 10). Sam Kavanaugh, who is currently a teacher in Minneapolis, will be on this afternoon's edition of the game show.

Kavanaugh is a Carlton High School graduate, who made the move to the Twin Cities to work in education after college.

He will face off against Margaret Hamilton, a retired air traffic controller from Florida, and returning champion Ryan Bilger, who is a student from Macungie, Pennsylvania. Bilger has won 4 game so far, with a winnings total of $107,049 in those four games.

Kavanaugh shared part of his pre-show taping preparation on Twitter yesterday.

He went on to say on social media that he is very excited about the opportunity to be a part of the show. He explained that being on the show is something he has " dreamed about, prepared for, and otherwise obsessed over for years." Well, we wish him the best of luck!

There are plans for a viewing party in Carlton, but you can catch all of the action at home on CBS3 at 5:00 pm on Wednesday afternoon (July 10).

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