As a self-proclaimed mammal lover, especially of canines, I can't fathom the pain that the owner of Kaito is experiencing.  It was a senseless death of her beloved dog and the situation needs to be addressed. Thank you to Kayla, Kaito's "mama" and owner for letting me share her story to help educate others.

While the duo was enjoying a walk together on the 400 block of 8th Street in Cloquet early this week, three dogs crossed the street and attacked Kaito.  Kayla said, "it was just the most horrifying thing I've ever experienced and I didn't know that was going to be the last time I was going to hold him alive".  Kayla tried to help her dog by kicking the attacking dogs and hitting them on the heads with her leash, but it was in vain as the three overtook Kaito and all she could do was watch helplessly.  The trio of attack dogs were two Pit Bulls and a German Shepard Mix.  To note is that there is nothing against the breed of dogs, the responsibility should lay with the owner, no matter what breed of dog you own.

According to our media partners,, this isn't the first time these dogs have attacked.  They also attacked a woman and her dog on May 9, that canine survived. Because of the second attack the dogs are being certified as dangerous dogs.  That means that the owner will have to have a proper enclosure, display warning signs and carry insurance at a hefty rate.  The three dogs that attacked and killed Kaito are being held at the Cloquet Animal Shelter while the investigation continues and it's possible that they may be put down due to their actions.

It is the second time that these animals have shown aggression unprovoked, how many chances will they get?  They attacked, fought and killed a pet, isn't that enough to be deemed unsafe, let alone that this is the second attack?   They were off their owners property when they attacked.  Because there is question that these dogs may be free to go back to their home, it should be known to those living in the neighborhood that walk by the address with their pets and their children.

My heart is broken for Kayla and the senseless loss of Kaito that could have, should have, been avoided.  Something needs to be done to keep her neighborhood and all neighborhoods safe to walk the sidewalks with our pets and families.

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