If traffic camera go in every major city, do you think that would be fair? Well, there are two schools of thought. 1...you shouldn't be speeding or going through red lights anyway, if you were driving according to the law, you would never get a ticket. 2....there's that part of you that feels like you are getting away with something when no one is around. There are rumours this would be a way for states to raise their traffic revenue and avoid shutdowns....eh hem...Minnesota...with out raising taxes. So now it's your turn, weigh in on this for me......comment at the bottom.


“We’re certainly hearing varying tales around the country of how people feel about these cameras,” said Justin McNaull, the director of state relations for AAA, the automobile travel organization. “People are generally supportive of them. However, there is a fairly vocal minority that, for various reasons, doesn’t — whether those with concerns about Big Brother and government misuse of technology, or those who have gotten tickets that they simply don’t feel they should have got.”

And there’s the rub. I know or have heard from a good number of people who have never previously had a traffic citation, who one day open the mail and see their face on a ticket, say for a red-light violation they had no idea they committed, in a place they drove through months ago. Fines can run as high as $500 in some jurisdictions, with additional costs for mandatory attendance at safety classes. (And no, I have not had a ticket myself.)

The issue crops up increasingly with business travelers, especially those in rental cars. Typically, rental-car companies, which get the actual ticket, simply pay a summons and then bill the customer, who has little recourse.

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