When I was first dating my husband and October was around the corner, he and his friends became increasingly excited for something they called "The Swain".  I had no idea what it was, but was asked to volunteer for it.  It is a monstrosity of a High School Cross Country Meet held on Enger Golf Course with close to 2500 runners participating.  It's still going strong and it's this Saturday, October 1 and that prompts a traffic advisory.

Since 1951 the Swain CC Meet has been run on the Enger Golf Course.  The legendary meet continues this Saturday, October 1st, with the first race starting at 10:00 a.m. The last race, if they're on time should be about 3 p.m.

There will definitely be congestion on Skyline Parkway in the area of the Enger Golf Course.  There are school busses, approximately 2500 athletes and all their friends and family spectators from around 70 different schools that will converge on the golf course for the meet.  Please note there will be no parking areas and handicap parking areas will be posted.  Vehicles in violation will be tagged and may be towed.

Cars usually park along both sides of Skyline Parkway and that makes driving through that area very tight, especially when people are walking down the street because there is no shoulder.  You can't use the Enger Golf Course Parking Lot because that is reserved for school buses, team vans, and spots for handicap parking.  Please keep this in mind when you arrive for the day, use caution, watch for pedestrians, and obey no parking signs.

Good luck to all the participating athletes with this years running of the Swain!

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