Meet Ruemmele, lovingly referred to as Rum.  He is my beast, and one of the loves of my life, besides my husband and daughter.  The daughter agrees, the husband says, dislike, but secretly LOVES him.  Rum likes to venture outside of the confines of his four walls and explore the world.  I like to bring him out to show how CUTE and smart he is , so smart in fact, he has told me what he considers the Top Five Best Dog-Friendly Places in the Northland.  (He'll speak, I'll type.  Keys are too close together for his paws).   He's a German Short-Haired Schnauzer, so he's going to count in German (told you he's smart!)

One-Eiens:  "Bark at the Park with the Duluth/Superior Huskies"


I can't wait to see all my four-legged friends at the ballpark!  The Duluth/Superior Huskies will be hosting "Bark at the Park" on Sunday, June 12, 2011!  Works out great for mom, because B105 will be hosting the event.   I can barely get over the excitement of the car ride to the park, but add an evening to hang with all the other leashed beasts, and nothing can compare to a night out with the family at  Wade Stadium.  It's a feeling that can only be compared to sniffing a brand new fire hydrant!!

Remember to follow the human rules:  must be well-behaved (yeah, yeah, yeah...describes me to a T!) and on a leash at all times.  Oh, and should the urge "strike" (pun intended) us at an inopportune moment, remember to bring plastic bags to clean up after us.

Two-Zwei:  "Lakewalk on the Shore of Lake Superior"


Those seagulls, man they have the life!  Mom likes to stop and watch the ships coming in and out of the harbor under the Aerial Lift Bridge, but I don't let her watch for long!!  I keep tugging on my leash until she gets annoyed and off we go exploring again.  And there's so much to explore, my favorite is when I see a potentially new four-legged friend dog tracking their way towards me, I start frothing, get that low growl rolling from deep inside my puffed out chest to look tough, but play it cool, like Danny Zuko on the movie Grease.  But most of the time, excitement takes over, my tail starts wagging and then the humans start talking "what kind of dog is that?"  "how old is he" "is he purebred?"   I hate it when they refer to me as a SHE!!!  I mean, I know I'm cute and all, but hey, check the parts before you make the call!  Meanwhile, me and the other pup have sniffed each other out and started playing, doesn't last long though because more exploration of the Lakewalk awaits.

Smells.  So many!  From the fresh Lake Superior air, to the yummy restaurant aromas....Mexican, Italian, Ice Cream (ok, I can't smell ice cream in the air, but Mom always comments how she could go for a malt every time we're by those big concrete stairs).

Of course, being a dog, when I smell the other dogs that have been there before me, I get the urge and there ARE rules.  My leash can be no longer than 6 feet and mom has the job of picking up, well..... my job (which dad refers to as a "stink pickle").  If she forgets plastic baggies, the City of Duluth has a "mutt mitt" dispenser along the Lakewalk.  She's pretty diligent about picking up after me, so I'm not worried, but I hear that rule is strictly enforced.

Three-Drei: "Powerhouse Bar Bike Night"


I'm such a chicken!  I " thought" I could ride a motorcycle, just so I could get the leather vest and goggles,  but I can't!  The sound of the motorcycle  just freaks me out too much!   But not for my little buddy (see his cool leather vest?) he enjoys the Powerhouse Bar Bike Night with B105 EVERY Thursday all summer long! (a dream come true)!

The Bud girls visit (they love scratching us behind the ears), games, food, and lots and lots of cool bikes to look at....Mom says I can't go, too many tires (sigh)!  But, other well-behaved beasts are welcome!

Four-Vier:  " The Keene Creek Dog Park"


A park just for US!!!  Keene Creek Dog Park at Grand Avenue and I-35.  It means another ride in the car too!!!  Yippee!!!  There's lots of green grass to run and play on, and if we're lucky, there are other dogs to play with too (or at least do a little organized sniffing)!  I especially like windy days, it's  like one big car window I get to stick my head out of!

It's FREE to play at the park, but I'm told I have to be licensed, I guess like a car, but I get tags, not plates.  Mom had to go to City Hall to license me, but hey, I'm worth every penny of the $8 she spent!  Just look at all the exercise she gets because of me!  We never go too late, but for you third-shifters, the park is open from 8a-10p.  Oh, one last thing, bring water for us, there's none available at the park and we get thirsty with all that exercise.  And, there are no bathrooms for humans, as for me, the world is my bathroom!

Five-Fünf:  "Petco"


It's a one stop shop that welcomes your furry friends! (and another car ride, YIPPEE!).  They have EVERYTHING from beds, to food, to medicine, to a place I can go and get my coat bathed, my toenails trimmed and a big manly bow on my chest (????)  oh well, it makes Mom smile.

On a special diet?  Odds are, Petco will carry the food you need.  Compelled to eat your own poo?  I learned that's called Coprophagia and mom frowns on it, she got my pills to make me stop at Petco.

The cool thing is that mom doesn't have to leave me in the car when she shops at Petco, I can go in the store with her, as long as I'm on my leash!!!  Although, I was grounded for a couple weeks and couldn't go last month, who knew the bottom bins of dog treats wasn't a free-for-all buffet???  It was like a  bone yard bonanza!!!  BUT, I won't do THAT again!

So that's my TOP FIVE BEST DOG-FRIENDLY PLACES IN THE NORTHLAND.  Do you have any to add?  I'm game to go explore new territory (yea! another car ride)!!!  Let us know where you spend your time with your dog below in the comments.

Don't forget when you're out to "Paws" and smell the roses, chances are, someone's marked it before you!!!

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