I have made several attempts at growing tomatoes.  It seems that everyone ELSE I know doesn't have a problem, but we all agree that the season (especially THIS year) is much too short to grow an abundance of tomatoes to can, eat fresh and make salsa and sauces.  I came across Topsy Turvey, a unique twist on how to grow tomatoes that just might make the difference.  Have you used it?

Who would have thought!  Because your plant is upside down, the roots are on the top.  The warmth your tomatoes get will be like that of a greenhouse.  Plus, the water and any nutrients will go directly to the fruit from the roots, another reason to be thankful for gravity.

I understand that you can actually get three plants in just one planter!  You don't have to weed them and they are quick to set up.  If you're into organic vegetables you can grow those too!  Plus, they look kinda cool, especially if you don't have much space for a garden or planters, because you can hang them from virtually anywhere.