My husband Homie had finally finished his man cave and wanted to christen it with a football party.  He chose the Viking/Packer game.  Every year (that I don't work) we host a Super Bowl party and serve egg rolls and puncit (a Filipino dish made with noodles, veggies and chicken broth).  However, as our guest list grew so did the menu based on the tastes of those attending.

First, I want to preface by saying I don't mind, I love my friends and family and would do it again in a heartbeat!  But, it got comical trying to accommodate to everyone in attendance of the party. There use to be a day when you put food out, people ate it.

We had two vegetarians coming, one was a friend of my daughter Kylee and she had asked if I could make the puncit without meat, yup, I'd try.  But, it simmers in chicken broth, so nope.  So, we added a veggie pizza, Caesar salad  and purchased frozen veggie egg rolls so they wouldn't feel left out.  Luckily my friend Mia brought an onion dip the vegetarians could have with chips because my chip dip was Velveeta cheese with bean less hot Hormel chili, that's meat.

Another of Kylee's friends was gluten-free and had to have rice noodles.  Won that one!  Puncit IS made with rice noodles.

One of the vegetarians, Kathy, is married to Dave who doesn't eat vegetables, but loves meat, oh and won't eat Asian, so the egg rolls and puncit weren't an option anyhow.  So we added burgers and brats to the menu.  That was ok though because Homie grilled those out near the man cave while I was cooking in the house.

I was making a homemade Almond cheesecake for dessert.  I didn't think I had anyone Lactose intolerant but wasn't taking a chance so I made a pan of brownies too, lol!

It got to the point that I became paranoid about everything.  I eat peanuts and was seriously concerned I had a peanut lodged in one of my heat registers in the kitchen so I asked when they came in the house if they were allergic to peanuts.  OH, and for the record, if you have a dust allergy, we should probably meet at your place.

Keep in mind the different tastes, whether by choice or for health reasons, that you should consider when throwing a party or hosting a dinner, especially with Thanksgiving coming up.  Again, totally worth it if it means being able to spend time making memories!

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