2021 is still in full swing but some music festivals are already looking ahead!

Toby Keith was just announced a a headliner for Lakefront Music Fest in 2022. The news was announced on Facebook, just days after the 2021 festival wrapped up. The festival shared they were excited to announce the country star as the star of the show.

Toby Keith will be playing on Saturday, July 9th of 2022. It may seem far away but tickets are actually available as we speak. Tickets are not sold at the gate so even though it is a year away, you will want to plan ahead.

Ticket prices range depending on the package you want. For one-night passes to see Toby Keith, tickets are $50 bucks. Special packages for his show are already sold out!

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The special ticket prices will be available until May 31st of 2022 or until sold out. Beginning June 1st until the show, tickets will cost more at $60 bucks a ticket. Lakefront Music Fest has a breakdown for you online so you can decide which tickets you want to purchase.

The festival takes place over the course of two days. A headliner for the previous night has not been announced yet. However, it likely won't be a country artist as there is usually one night of the festival dedicated to country music.

Some of the profits go to charities and organizations in Minnesota, which means you can enjoy live music and give back to the community. The festival takes place at 5000 Kop Parkway Boulevard SE in Prior Lake, Minnesota. That is just under three hours from the Duluth area.

This year, Lady A and Jake Owen were set to headline the festival's country night. Unfortunately, the band had to pull out last minute as lead singer Charles Kelley suffered a medical emergency. Jake ended up headlining instead.

Thankfully, Charles Kelley is on the mend now after getting appendicitis. In a special video he put out on his Instagram page Tuesday (July 13th), he said he is on the mend and gave a special shoutout to Minnesota doctors who helped him when he got sick.

The band was already in Minnesota and hadn't had a show in well over a year. They did announce that they will be back in 2023 so you still have a chance to see them at the festival - it will just be a few years.

We have lots of concerts to keep us entertained in the meantime. We keep track of all of them coming to the Northland and beyond with our concert calendar.

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