It's ironic that a viral video about anti-social media is being shared on social media, but that's where I found it.  My daughter had posted it on her facebook page and after watching it and reading her post "makes you think twice", I sent her a message saying "You. Me. The Lakewalk with no cell phones, are you IN?"  To my delight, she 'liked' it!  Honestly, this video showed her what I have been trying to tell her for years.

Don't get me wrong.  Social media certainly has it's place and offers many advantages.  But, there is something missing when you don't chat face-to-face.  Your REAL social skills are lost or in our children almost non-existent because they were born into a world of technology.  Watch the video, then look around and see what your missing.  Choose to disconnect to reconnect, even if it's for a short time each day.

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