There are those who like dressing up for Halloween and then there are those who absolutely love Halloween and go all out when it comes to dressing up in a costume.

Generally, kids are the most enthusiastic about their costumes and it would be tough to find a kid who gives a more convincingly hilarious performance than 6-year-old Tripp Christgau of Duluth. In fact, it's a performance that is so good, that it's been viewed well over 1 million times already!

Trip's costume is one you have seen before, it's an inflatable costume that looks like an alien wrapping its body around the body of whoever is wearing it. According to FOX 9, when Trip's costume arrived, he couldn't wait to put it on.

Trip's mom Sadie decided she'd capture that moment on video, however, what she didn't know was that Trip would give a performance that would be of award-winning caliber as he pretended to be abducted by an alien and dragged out of the room.

Sadie shared the video on TikTok and it has gone viral, earning well over 1 million views already!

There were also a lot of complimentary comments from viewers about Trip's performance, with many saying he needed to get into show business and one person stating that the costume's manufacturer should pay the family for all the positive publicity.

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Once the video went viral, Sadie shared a follow-up video featuring Trip reading and enjoying some of the great comments his performance had received.

Since all this excitement surrounding the video transpired, the family says they are now saving up for Tripp to take theater lessons, so this likely isn't the last time we'll see a Trip Christgau performance!

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