I am an office super fan.  No really, I belong to a Facebook group called Office Super Fans.  I'm not ashamed to say that 'The Office' was my favorite TV show of all time.  I've watched it at least a half a dozen times from start to finish on Netflix.  It occurred to me today as I was watching it, that one specific episode encapsulates everything that made this show so special.

The episode is Season 4, EP 1, 'Fun Run."  Let me explain.

The episode begins with Michael running over Meredith with his car.  Classic Michael move.  After she's taken to the hospital he even further screws it up by breaking the news poorly, saying they did everything they could do to save her... and she's gonna be ok.


Angela asks Dwight to take care of her sick cat Sprinkles.  The cat dies, we later find out he killed it.  He lacks all sympathy for a dead cat and angela.


This classic Creed Bratton line takes place.


And then a pointless charity is started.


It was back when Jim & Pam were secretly dating and it still had "that Jim & Pam" magic.


The nipple scene is hilarious.


There were a lot of other great parts to this episode, and it really did represent what we love about the Office in one perfect episode.



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