Haunted houses or other haunted places all have a story. There's a Minnesota road with plenty of haunted activity that has some incredible stories.

Take, for example, some haunted places across the Northland, and the stories surrounding them. Camp Miller has a story about a witch that is buried under the bell. Nopeming is rich with a history of TB patients dying there and haunting the land and the buildings. Then, of course, the greatest true story about Glensheen and the death of Ms. Congdon and her attendant.

I came across another great story about a road in Western Minnesota you need to hear. About an hour drive west of St. Cloud, there's a rural road called Timber Lake Road, otherwise known as 240th Ave NW, in Colfax Township. While apparently part of this township, the address is listed in New London, Minnesota.

There is a story that everyone tells about a "lady in white" that roams the street looking for the person that murdered her children. The story goes that this woman arrived home to find her children dead in their home. She was so distraught that she hung herself. This is the story that everyone seems to tell.

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People have been saying some of the spirits from the Colfax Cemetery walk this road, with rumors of shadow people and hitchhikers that aren't there. Timber Lake Road has many trees along the drive and even runs around the swampy area with some surrounding ponds. So, part of me thinks the land and location have some fog and mist and helps create some of the stories.

Ghostly mists that cross the road could be simply the wet area creating fog and people seeing it cross the road and think it might be a spirit.  When you watch the video below, you will see how creepy the road really is.

screenshot Midwest Haunts

Midwest Haunts heard the stories of the voices in the cemetery, howling wolves, and spirits and shadow people roaming the road. So they decided to investigate and filmed it below. During their time in the cemetery, they claim to have caught one of the orbs that are reputed to be seen along the road.

Screenshot Midwest Haunts

There is a story told on Midwest Haunts below, children running around the cemetery and laughing. Some people have seen the children along the side of the road and playing. Upon further inspection, the children disappear.

Midwest Haunts went looking for graves of the children and the woman who killed herself in the story I told above and couldn't find anything that fit the stories. When they talked to local people, one woman said there were some murders, but she didn't know if they were near the road or if the real children or the woman who that are buried in the cemetery.

Google Earth
Google Earth

Midwest Haunts took a camera out on the road and felt they did see some red eyes at night, and couldn't produce any proof of them. They also used some Ghost Hunting equipment to try to catch some proof that the road is haunted.

One of the claims is that wolves howl at the moon and they are looking for the dead. Midwest Haunts found a few dogs in the area and were able to debunk that claim. Watch the video below for the whole story.

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